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Tourism courses

Tourism courses

Travel agency management course

Course addressed to high school graduates with a baccalaureate, has a duration of 6 months, with a number of 720 hours, one third theoretical training and two thirds practical training. Graduates of the course can license their travel agency or take up the position of director of a travel agency.

Tour guide course

It has a duration of 6 months, with a number of 720 hours. It is addressed to high school graduates, but also to those of compulsory general education (10 classes). The graduates of the course can obtain the local guide certificate and badge from the Ministry of Tourism.
Those who wish can follow a 4-week specialization to become a national guide. The national guide course gives international scope to the graduate and therefore to the holder of the national guide certificate and badge. The holder of a national guide certificate and badge can drive Romanian citizens abroad, as well as foreigners in Romania.

Initiation courses in hospitality and restoration activity (food and beverage)

They are courses addressed to all those who want to work in one of the basic HORECA jobs (waiter, receptionist, bell boy, guest relation, housekeeping) or who are already working and want to structure and complete their knowledge on an academic basis in the field.
These courses are taught mainly in English, the objective of the course being mastering the phraseology and technical hotel language in English, the protocol used in HORECA activities and welcome service for English-speaking guests.
Extremely useful for those who want to work abroad: Great Britain, USA, cruise ships, etc.

To graduates who stand out, we can even offer paid internships in the European Union as part of the course!

The lecturers of the course are university professors or from prestigious high schools in Galati, with a vast pedagogical experience and with old collaborations in tourism with our company. The course director, Viorel Prisecaru, is a graduate of the Faculty of Commerce of ASE Bucharest and laureate of the prestigious Glion Institute of Higher Education in Glion sur Montreux, Switzerland, where he participated as a scholarship holder of the International Hotel Association and the Sheraton Management Corporation, followed by an internship at the famous The Ritz Hotel in London. He has 16 years of experience in the hotel industry and 19 years in the activity of travel agencies and tourism education.

Tourists from Israel
With a group of tourists in Israel at the Mount of Temptation
About the job of tourist guide
After a tour of the city of Galati, with two special guests of the city, Prof. Tudorel Toader and Prof. Constantin Dulcan
      A graduate
Congratulating a graduate ... You can be in this picture!
Travel agency, Tourism courses